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Tax returns for Visa holders

Moving locations can be difficult – new routines, new employer, new city, etc. One of the challenges of Visa holders in the US is navigating the extremely complex tax law.

Fortunately, we have countless clients in the same situation – most our firm started in the US as Visa holders ourselves, so our experience is both personal as well as professional.

Some of the challenges associated with this type of return may include:

  • Residency status (are we filing as US residents or nonresidents)
  • Assets outside of US and possible requirements to report these assets
  • Possible taxes owed on foreign income
  • Reporting foreign trusts, retirement accounts, etc.
  • Receipt of gifts & required disclosures
  • Possible tax-related deductions on your US returns
  • Important, strict deadlines to be considered

We are happy to prepare your taxes regardless of the challenges associated with the engagement. Some common visa types that our clients hold include, but are not limited to: F1, J1, L1, O1, TN, G4, E3, etc.

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