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Accounting Services for Non Profit Organizations

Annual tax returns 

Each year, your non-profit organization must file one of several types of forms, most often the IRS 990 or 990EZ and related disclosures. We are happy to assist you with this type of filing. The complexity here may revolve around revenue types you have and the overall details of your organization.

Regardless of the mission of your nonprofit, we are happy to file these forms for you. Non profit returns are due on May 15th of each year (for most types of organizations), however, please do contact us as early in the season as possible. Please make sure to have your books ready, which leads me to the next topic. 

Monthly bookkeeping services

Many non-profits, once they reach a certain size, may have an entire finance team, complete with a controller, senior accountant, and assistant. However, some organizations (large and small) outsource this function to us. 

Bookkeeping is normally completed monthly so we can stay on top of the expenses and revenues in real time. This allows us to properly categorize items while memory is still fresh & we can ask questions. 

However, if you are in a situation where your books have not been completed for a whole year, or multiple years, we are happy to clean these up for you. Please contact us below for either ongoing monthly bookkeeping or for catchup/cleanup work. 

Annual Financial Statement Audits, Reviews, and/or compilations

Many organizations are required to complete an annual audit or review. Some organizations only require a compilation. These are attestation services that are useful for gauging the reliability of management’s financial statements. 

Most audits for nonprofit organizations can take several weeks, so contact us as early as possible for this requirement. We also have expedited services available if necessary, however, certain elements of the audit process may require 3rd party confirmations, the timeline of which may be out of your control, so my recommendation is to start as early as possible. 

Entity formation

We are asked to form entities with the state quite often as well as obtain non-profit standing with the IRS. Remember, even though you created a non-profit corporation with your state, that does not mean you automatically have IRS non-profit standing. IRS approval requires complex paperwork, so contact us if you needed assistance obtaining your status. We support all statuses available, such as 501(c)3 and social clubs/societies. 

Issues surrounding good standing status with the state

We are frequently asked to restore good standing or catch up on missing filings for state purposes. These situations often lead to your entity being in poor standing with the state or having their status withdrawn. If you need assistance with this, just contact us & we will clear it up for you. 

If you have any of these common requirements, just contact us below & we will be more than happy to assist you.


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