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Unfiled Corporate Tax Returns

It is very common to receive letters from the state for not filing a tax return. We are frequently approached to correct this type of situation. The IRS normally does not send these letters for corporations – it is normally the states that send them.

The letters normally say the following:

We have not received your corporation tax return for the filing period ending March 31st, 2018 (or whichever year-end date is being used). You must respond to this notice using one of the three options below.

Each state has their own format. You may have received the letter for any of the following reasons:

  • You created a company, but have not conducted any business and were not aware that you must always file corporate returns. Corporate return filings are required annually even if you have not generated income. There may even be quarterly requirements, as well, depending on how you structured your company.
  • You created a company and thought you were reporting the business income, but reported it on the wrong type of return. This is extremely common – we frequently see taxpayers receive this notice when they have been filing their business income on their individual return as a single-member company. This is incorrect – if you have a corporation, you must file a separate return rather than filing on your individual return, even if you included the correct name & EIN number of the company.
  • You filed the return, but it did not go through correctly or was not processed

If you have received this letter, contact us below and we can help address it right away. There are several options:

  • File returns & respond to the notice
  • File final year return & dissolve company
  • Correct returns that were not filed properly

Please let us know if you would like us to tackle this task for you. Much appreciated.

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