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IRS International Reporting Penalties

IRS International Disclosure Penalties

If you receive a notice CP215 from the IRS, it is likely that you failed to file tax forms related to international items disclosures. Some common tax forms include but not limited to:

  • Form 5471
  • Form 5472
  • Form 8856
  • Form 8858
  • Form 926

If you receive a notice CP15 from the IRS, it is likely that you failed to file one of the forms below.

  • Form 3520
  • Form 3520-A
  • Form 114 and/or Form 8938.


Both the notice CP15 and CP215 are Notice of Penalty Charge. The amount of penalty proposed by the notice is generally significant starting from $10,000. The penalty is civil penalty and is difficult to abate. Luckily, we are well versed in abating these types of penalties and are happy to assist. 


If you receive a notice CP15 or CP215 and need help addressing the letter, please contact us. Dimov Tax team handle the IRS notice on daily basis and have a streamline process in place to mitigate and/or remove these IRS issues. 

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