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Tax & Accounting for Real-Estate

Tax & Accounting for real estate-related matters can take on virtually unlimited forms. We will summarize a few common types of client requests below. 

Tax returns for individuals with rental properties 

We specialize in rental properties, whether they are in your state of residence, out-of-state, or outside of the country. These are all common situations for us. 
If you are new to investing in rental properties and want to learn the tax & operational basics related to this exciting type of investment, you can also schedule a call with the team to learn the pros & cons of real estate investing. 

1031 Exchanges 

We are a 1031 exchange intermediary and are happy to work with you through the entire 1031 exchange process. If you are not sure if a 1031 exchange makes sense for you, please contact us to schedule an appointment to understand how the process works. 

House flips

We have quite a few clients that either flip homes full time or have several projects as a side venture. Our team specializes in tax optimization and strategy for this type of situation and will ensure you are maximizing all possible deductions, exclusions, etc. 

Sale of Primary Residence 

We are frequently contacted to consult with clients regarding their sale of their home. Common questions include: will I pay taxes on the capital gains? If so, how much can I expect to pay? 

Real Estate Agents

With countless leading real estate agents as clients, we have a wealth of experience with tax planning & strategy for this type of taxpayer. The opportunities for tax strategy here are really endless, from structuring as s-corp, c-corp, or LLC to SEP/solo 401k plans and other tax deferral strategies. Whether you need annual tax preparation or a consulting call to determine tax optimization strategy, reach out to us below. 

Services HOAs, HDFCs, Condos, Co-ops, Cond-ops, or Condo-Tels 

We perform the full range of services for this type of client – this includes monthly bookkeeping, annual financial statement audit, review, or compilation, 1120-H or annual tax filings, quarterly taxes, payroll, 1099 issuance, etc. We also offer accounting outsourcing for buildings that are self-managed. Just reach out with our web form below. 

Private equity funds that invest in real estate 

We are a full service accountant for PE funds that focus in real estate, including fund administration, partners capital statement issuance, K-1s, annual returns, 1099s, monthly/quarterly/annual statements, and annual audits, reviews, and compilations

If you have any of these common requirements, just contact us below & we will be more than happy to assist you.


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