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Audited Financial Statements

Audited Financial Statements 

For companies of a certain size, or companies with certain debt/equity funding requirements, audited financial statements may be required. This is the most thorough type of attestation services that an accountant offers in the United States. 

Audits are advanced, state-regulated engagements that require detailed review of financials, third party confirmations (such as confirmations of sales by major customers and confirmation of bank balances with banks). If your company has significant assets, inventory, or other physical items that comprise a material component of your financials, an on-site visit will likely be necessary, as well.

The final product are the financials with the auditor’s opinion, which describes how well your company’s financials align with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, IFRS, or whatever attestation standard you have chosen. 

We perform audits of financial statements across industries, notably manufacturing, financial firms, technology, non-profit, real estate, and basic HOAs/condos/coops. 

We are peer reviewed, have clients in all 50 US states, and are PCAOB registered, meaning that we file audits for publicly-traded companies (including audit client companies that are subsidiaries of larger firms). We are also happy to serve for smaller audits, such as our many non-profit, HOA, or building clients. 

Please feel free to reach out for a quote below – please let us know the industry type and approximate size of your company.

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