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International Taxation

International Individual Taxation


There are countless considerations related to taxation of international items on your individual tax. We are experts in international tax & are happy to assist with any of the below, as well as any other consulting or tax preparation topic related to international items. Contact us with the webform below. 

  • Reporting of foreign assets, accounts, real estate, gifts
  • US reporting of foreign income, foreign tax credits, foreign exclusion
  • Prevention of double-tax
  • Foreign tax treaties
  • Taxation of international students, those without an SSN, and applications for ITIN
  • Expatriate taxation
  • Canadian tax returns, UK returns, and other countries we support – we have clients in over 40 countries

International Business Taxation

We have countless international business clients that use us for services. Some tax-related topics that are frequently brought forth by our clients include:

  • Creating US business, establishing payroll in the US, hiring US employees
  • Regulatory compliance, assistance with deadlines
  • Reporting international business on your US returns, forms 5471, 8865, 5472, etc.
  • International tax strategies
  • Filing foreign corporate returns 
  • Bookkeeping, payroll related to US subsidiaries of international companies

Please contact us anytime regarding any of these items as we have helped countless individuals and businesses with international tax compliance over the years.

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