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Equity Tax Strategy

Filing tax returns with equity

We specialize in taxation of equity income, which includes RSU, ESPP, ISO, NSO, 83(b), and other equity-related items. For assistance filing a tax return, please contact us below and we will reach out in a matter of a few hours. 

Happy to cover any equity-related items, such as carryover of AMT credits, AMT tax, capital gains tax, sell-to-cover RSUs, and any other equity-related concerns. Just contact us below. 

Planning strategies for those receiving equity

Due to our large technology client base, we are frequently approached with the following questions:

  • How many RSUs should I sell? How much tax should I set aside based on this sale? If I have a certain cash target, what is the total amount of RSUs I should sell?
  • My company has granted me stock options. How many should I exercise before I hit AMT?
  • If I only have a given amount of cash to pay tax, what is the most I can exercise?
  • Are there any tax-saving strategies for me available in these situations?
  • Should I then sell the underlying equity? How many share should I sell?
  • How will this be affected by share price?
  • Should I make estimated tax payments, and if so, how much?
  • Can I construct a plan for more than one year of equity vesting, exercises, and sales?
  • I am leaving my company & must make an ISO vs. NSO decision

These (and more) are all common scenarios that we compute for the clients.

Contact us at hello@dimovtax.com if you would like to get started with an analysis or to book a consultation to discuss strategy.

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