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Capital Gains Taxation

Capital gains are common for our client base & may result from:

  • Equity compensation, vested shares, RSUs, etc.
  • Sale of a primary residence or rental property
  • Liquidation of stock portfolio or inherited assets
  • Sale of business interest or sale of entire company

For these types of situations, we are frequently approached with the following questions:

  • How much tax should I set aside for this proposed situation (planning)? 
  • Are there any tax-saving strategies for me available for me to limit my capital gains? Hint: there are quite a few, some of which can eliminate the gains in certain cases
  • Can I use tax-loss harvesting techniques to optimize my tax obligation? 
  • Can you assist with filing my annual tax return? 
  • Should I make estimated tax payments, and if so, how much?
  • How are state taxes computed? 
  • Are there better tax outcomes if I wait? 
  • If I am selling a rental property, how is depreciation recapture accounted for?
  • If I am selling inherited assets, what is my “cost basis?”
  • Can I construct a plan for more than one year of equity vesting, exercises, and sales?

These (and more) are all common scenarios that we compute for the clients.

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7 thoughts on “Capital Gains Taxation”

  1. Michael Bennardo says:

    72-year-old combat vet with VA loan on primary, retired from paramedic firefighter, approx. 90k/yr. ; married to disabled, legally-blind 60-yr-old. We recently sold rental for $600k, purchased 30-yrs ago for $206k, current cap.gains figured by tax advisor at $160K. Can you do better?

    1. dimovtax says:

      Hi! It is not possible to gauge your tax outcome without knowing how much you have in accumulated depreciation, passive unallowed activity losses, withholdings from other sources, etc. I will send you an email now with a quote for services – we can go into details if you would like to hire us on a consulting basis to review the work of your tax advisor.

  2. sid says:

    i am an agent in Cabo San lucas. i have a listing on a property to be sold. The seller has Resident status, is married and will probably sell quickly. what is he liable for as far as capital gains?

    1. dimovtax says:

      This entirely depends on the tax profile of the person selling the property as well as the cost basis of the property as adjusted by transaction costs & capital improvements.

  3. Ann Stephens says:

    I need a CPA for capital gains taxes. Sold a hse in NYC for 1.25 million dollars ( May 17, 2022) which I purchased for $95,000 around 1994.

  4. Ann Stephens says:

    I need a CPA for capital gains taxes. Sold a hse in NYC for 1.25 million dollars ( May 17, 2022) which I purchased for $95,000 around 1994. I would like to purchase more property but want taxes figured out 1st so I know what I’m working for.

    1. dimovtax says:

      Thank you for your message! This is a common topic of consultation.

      Did you need to analyze the situation verbally or did you want a numerical analysis that calculates your tax obligation based on the variables that you would like to evaluate?

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