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Expats in Portugal – How to File US Taxes Abroad


Moving to a new country can be an exciting adventure, but it also brings with it a set of responsibilities, including understanding and fulfilling your tax obligations. For expats residing in Portugal, navigating the intricacies of filing US taxes while living abroad can seem daunting. However, with the right guidance and professional assistance, expats can easily navigate the complexities of tax regulations and ensure compliance. Below, we will explore the key aspects of Portugal taxes for expats and provide valuable insights on how to file US taxes while living abroad.

Understanding the Tax Residency Status:

One of the first steps for expats in Portugal is to determine their tax residency status. Generally, individuals who spend 183 days or more within a calendar year in Portugal are considered tax residents. Understanding your tax residency status is crucial, as it determines which tax rules and obligations apply to you.

Double Taxation Agreements:

The United States has a bilateral tax treaty with Portugal to avoid double taxation. This agreement ensures that income earned by expats is not taxed twice. Expats can take advantage of this treaty by utilizing various provisions, such as foreign tax credits or the foreign earned income exclusion. A tax service with expertise in international tax matters can help you optimize your tax situation and ensure compliance with both countries’ tax laws.

Reporting Foreign Financial Assets:

US citizens or residents living abroad must report their foreign financial assets if they meet the specified thresholds. Failure to disclose such assets can result in severe penalties. Expats should be aware of the requirements to report foreign bank accounts, investments, and other financial assets. A knowledgeable tax service can guide you through the reporting process and help you avoid unnecessary penalties.

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion:

One of the key provisions available to expats filing US taxes while living in Portugal is the foreign earned income exclusion (FEIE). This provision allows qualifying individuals to exclude a certain amount of foreign earned income from US taxation. However, meeting the requirements for FEIE can be complex, and seeking professional advice is essential to maximize its benefits.

Foreign Tax Credits:

In some cases, expats in Portugal may benefit from utilizing foreign tax credits to offset their US tax liability. These credits are designed to prevent double taxation by allowing individuals to claim a credit for taxes paid to the foreign country. Calculating and claiming foreign tax credits correctly requires careful consideration of various factors, and partnering with a tax service experienced in international tax matters can be invaluable.

The Importance of Professional Tax Services:

Navigating the intricacies of US taxes while living abroad can be overwhelming for expats in Portugal. Engaging the services of a professional tax service with expertise in international tax matters can ensure compliance with both US and Portuguese tax regulations. At Dimov Tax, we can help you maximize deductions, explore tax treaty benefits, and file accurate and timely tax returns.

Next Steps:

As an expat living in Portugal, understanding and fulfilling your tax obligations is crucial to maintaining compliance and avoiding unnecessary penalties. By familiarizing yourself with the key aspects of Portugal taxes for expats and seeking the assistance of a reliable tax service, you can navigate the complexities of filing US taxes abroad with ease. Our team is specialized in international tax matters and will not only streamline the process but also ensure that you optimize your tax situation while staying compliant with both US and Portuguese tax laws. Contact us below to find out more!

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