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Please be aware of the following two deadlines:


    • Personal returns on extension are due Oct 16th

    • C-Corp returns are also due on Oct 16th – please note that c-corp returns are required to be filed each year, even if your company is dormant with zero activity. There are penalties for not filing

Although these are a few weeks away, it is critical to get started immediately if you have not filed yet because completing returns takes time & many accountants will be booked up the closer you are to a deadline.

In the shorter-term, there are two other deadlines that are only days away:


    • S-corps and Multi-Member LLCs on extension are due on Sep 15th – this deadline is coming up rapidly and we must know this week if you need help with this. Remember, in most cases, you are required to file even if your company is dormant or showing losses! There are penalties for failing to file these types of business returns.

    • Quarterly taxes are also due on Sep 15th – this applies to:


        • Business owners, including Single-Member LLCs

        • Freelancers/contractors/1099-NEC recipients

        • Wage employees that owe each year (more on this below)

        • Those that typically owe each year, regardless of income source – this requirement is frequently missed but applies to those that have company equity, ISO exercises, K-1s, bonuses, or other windfalls that trigger tax without appropriate automatic withholdings

If you need help with any of these or are not sure which may apply, simply hit “contact” below and we can jump in to assist you.

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