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Taxation of Contractors/ Freelancers

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Freelancers & Contractors 

We specialize in tax preparation for contractors or freelancers. We will maximize your legal deductions including business use of home, business use of vehicle, etc. For assistance filing a tax return, please contact us below and we will reach out in a matter of a few hours.

Planning strategies for contractors or freelancers

We are frequently approached with the following questions:

  • Should I or can I set up a LLC for my contractor work or freelancing business?
  • Should I incorporate? 
  • If I set up a business, can I pay myself?
  • What kind of expenses can I deduct? Can I deduct my meals and travel expenses, etc.?
  • Can I deduct the rent I paid if I use my home for the work?
  • What kind of retirement plan can I contribute to?
  • Should I pay quarterly estimated tax? How much estimated tax should I pay in advance to avoid the penalty?

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