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CP2000 Letter Resolution

How to fight a CP2000

Common reasons for receiving this type of letter from the IRS include:

  • Missing RSU/Stock option income: many taxpayers file their return without properly accounting for their RSU or stock option income, which causes them to receive a CP2000 or other similar notice. This notice often asks for tax to be paid on stock that was already taxed by the employer. We have expertise built up on how to resolve this exact issue. 
  • Missing 1099-K or 1099-MISC: many taxpayers run an online business or make a few sales on Ebay, Etsy, or similar platform & then do not report the income on their return under the false assumption that if the activity was not profitable, then there is no income to report. The IRS and state(s) do not know your business was not profitable – you have to tell them by filing a schedule C along with your schedule of expenses. If this was not done, you will receive a letter & must amend the return.
  • Rollover or withdrawal from a 401k or IRA: these 1099-Rs are frequently missed, as are K-1s, 1099-DIVs, and other forms
  • Did not report gambling winnings & losses: similar to the missing 1099-K, many taxpayers believe that if they lost money, they do not have to report. However, the IRS does not know you lost money – you must show them this on your return by showing your winnings & then showing your losses accordingly. If this was not done, you may receive a CP2000 notice, at which point the correct next step is to amend the return. You will need your win/loss statement to do so, so please have this ready. 

If you have issues with any of the above, please scan ALL PAGES of the letter received & send (or share securely) with and we will take a look right away. We are available assist remotely with clients in all 50 US states and dozens of nations globally.

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