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Do you have your 8949?

An 8949 is a format required by the IRS for filing crypto. It is generated by any one of a number of software packages. Some clients use their own tracking that they developed on their own, such as proprietary software or excel/google sheets, while others use one of many packages. 

Many use cointracking, cointracker, zenledger, koinly,, accointing, etc. You can use the following link to connect your wallet to the CoinLedger and get your tax form as well:

If you do not have your 8949 ready at this point in tax season, you are late. Most taxpayers use tracking software such as the above & have their 8949 ready to go by Jan. If you still do not have this, you have a few options:

– Complete quickly on your own

– File an extension and have us complete (contact us if that is the route you choose)

In either case, this is your first step to crypto filing

Do you complete this as part of your services?  

Absolutely. That said, we finished our late start clients by Feb for this & are currently handling filing for those ready to hit the ground running. If you are using us, you must either have a reconciled, clean, ready-to-go (with no questions) 8949 or you can have us file an extension & complete the 8949 reconciliation work on our end. The reconciliation is a separate service outside of the filing. 

If you need help getting this handled, please contact Dimov Associates at the contact below. We are more than happy to assist.

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