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Peer Review Services

As an audit firm, you have the requirement to complete a Peer Review annually for your engagements. We found years ago that, after searching for Peer Review firms ourselves, finding responsive providers was difficult. It took weeks to research who was even available to perform these reviews. For this reason, we decided to offer this to the public as an extension of our due-diligence practice. 

As peer review specialists, we are dedicated to enhance the quality of the accounting, auditing and attestation services performed by CPA firms. Our peer review teams approach each engagement with a commitment to technical expertise, quality of service and approachable practical solutions. We believe a valuable by-product of the peer review process should be value added recommendations and identification of best practices tailored to each firm’s system of quality control. Our objective is to assist each peer review client to improve its accounting and auditing practice in terms of compliance, quality and efficiency.

Please contact us at hello@dimovtax.com or (833)829-1120 if you are interested to know more. We can get started on your Peer Reviews as soon as you are ready. You can also use the form below.