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Navigating Equity Compensation Taxation: Taxed by CA State After Moving to TX, WA, or FL

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Navigating Equity Compensation Taxation: Taxed by CA State After Moving to TX, WA, or FL


Has the move from California to tax-free states like Texas, Washington, or Florida left you facing unexpected tax challenges? At Dimov Associates, we specialize in untangling the complexities of equity compensation taxation, ensuring that your relocation doesn’t result in double taxation or missed opportunities.

Our Expertise

1. Equity Compensation Tax Assessment

The shift towards remote work has triggered relocations to tax-free states. However, if you’ve received equity compensation like RSUs, ESPPs, ISOs, or NSOs while residing in California, you might still be liable for California state taxes even after moving. Our team of skilled CPAs will comprehensively assess your equity compensation to uncover potential tax obligations.

2. Understanding Allocation Ratios

It’s essential to calculate allocation ratios accurately to avoid overpaying taxes. Our experts will meticulously determine the ratio of workdays you spend in each state during critical periods such as grant, vesting, and exercise. This precise calculation ensures that you pay the correct amount of tax to the respective state.

3. Managing Double Taxation Risks

Moving from CA to TX, WA, or FL might shield you from state income tax, but complexities arise if you’re moving to a state with its own income tax regulations. States like MA or NY might subject you to double taxation on the same income. Our experienced CPAs will guide you in understanding potential double taxation risks and assist in mitigating them effectively.

4. Reviewing and Correcting Tax Documents

To safeguard against errors in tax allocations, our team will review your tax documents like W2s, 1099s, paystubs, RSU vesting schedule, and ISO exercise schedule with precision. Should inaccuracies be found, we’ll help you in the process of obtaining corrected documents from your employer or calculate the correct amounts, providing peace of mind against potential future audits.

5. Tailored Consultation for Your Needs

Have questions about equity compensation, tax liabilities, or relocations? Our experts offer personalized consultations designed to address your unique circumstances. We understand the intricacies of your situation and provide tailored strategies to align with your goals.

Why Opt for Dimov Associates?

  • Specialized Expertise: Our in-depth understanding of equity compensation taxation guarantees accurate guidance in a complex field.
  • Accurate Calculations: Through meticulous calculations and document reviews, we ensure precise tax allocations, eliminating chances of overpayment.
  • Personalized Solutions: Every client’s situation is distinct. We craft strategies tailored to your equity compensation and tax needs.
  • Confidence and Assurance: With Dimov Associates, you can confidently navigate equity compensation taxation, protecting your financial interests.

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