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Navigating 409A Valuation for Private Companies Going Public or Considering a Tender Offer

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409A Valuation 


Whether you are an employee working for privately held companies or you own a company on the cusp of going public or considering a tender offer, the landscape is rife with challenges and opportunities. Among the many critical considerations, one that often stands out is the 409A valuation. In this article, we will explore how 409A valuation plays a pivotal role in these scenarios and how we can provide expert guidance.

The Role of 409A Valuation in Going Public or Tender Offers

  • Establishing Fair Market Value (FMV): When a private company is preparing for an initial public offering (IPO), it must determine the FMV of its common stock. This valuation is crucial for setting the IPO price, determining the number of shares to issue, and complying with regulatory requirements.
  • Equity Compensation: For companies going public or considering a tender offer, equity-based compensation is a common incentive to attract and retain key employees. 409A valuations establish the exercise prices for stock options, RSUs, and other equity awards, ensuring they meet IRS compliance standards. As an employee, you should consider the FMV when exercising ISOs, RSUs, and stock rewards.
  • 83(b) Election: 409A valuation is crucial in early exercises of stock options and rewards. Strategizing around the FMV can result in potential tax savings from early option exercises for start-up employees. Generally, the 409A valuation expires annually, so keeping the company’s FMV updated is important.
  • Due Diligence: In the context of a tender offer or acquisition, accurate 409A valuations help potential investors or acquirers assess the target company’s financial health and the value of its assets, liabilities, and equity.
  • Tax Planning: Going public or participating in a tender offer can have significant tax implications. Accurate 409A valuations assist in tax planning, helping companies and employees optimize their tax positions and minimize tax liabilities.

How We Can Assist

  • We offer 409A valuation services tailored to the unique needs of companies and employees.
  • We assist clients in preparing for the valuation process well in advance of any liquidation events, including early exercise of shares, tender offer, and IPO.
  • We stay up-to-date with the latest IRS regulations and compliance requirements related to 409A valuations, as these can evolve over time.
  • We offer due diligence services including thorough reviews of the company’s financial statements and 409A valuation reports to help clients make informed decisions.

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