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Tax effects from Company IPOs

Due to some recent IPOs, we have been getting large volumes of emails & calls from employees (and former employees) of Uber, Lyft, etc. asking for tax strategies and guidance related to their shares.

These clients typically want to know:

  • Do I need to pay quarterly tax?
  • How much money should I set aside for taxes?
  • If I do not pay my taxes in advance now in 2019, will I be penalized?
  • How do I compute the actual amount of tax that I owe?
  • I know my company has “sold to cover” and withheld money at the time of my RSU grants/vesting, but how do I know if it was the correct amount?
  • What options do we have for tax strategies? Is there anything I can do to limit my tax exposure?
  • What are others doing?
  • What happens if the shares are currently trading at below the Fair Market Value of the shares at the time that I was taxed? Do I get any type of tax benefit for that?
  • Should I wait to sell my shares?
  • Many, many more

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