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Mega Backdoor Roth

Taxation of “Mega Backdoor” Roth Conversions

Backdoor Roth Conversions are tricky – we are happy to assist at any stage of the process:

  • Planning: if you are going to be converting a large dollar amount of pre-tax IRA or 401k contributions, it is a good idea to plan for tax impact. Contact us below to find out how this is done.
  • Execution: if you already know you are converting & need assistance making sure you know what to tell your brokerage firm, contact us. It is very common that these are completed incorrectly. 
  • Reconciliation: If you have received an incorrect 1099-R, let us know – we know how to correct this with the IRS. 
  • Filing: Happy to file your tax & make sure you are not double-paying or overpaying taxes. 

For further information, please feel free to reach out to us at We specialize in taxation of retirement accounts. Our experience with this is personal as well as professional, as both our clients as well as ourselves use these strategies.

Contact us below for assistance with your taxes: 

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