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Form 8997

Maximizing Deferrals with QOZs: Form 8997 Explained for Tax Year 2024

The tax year 2024 brings out attractive opportunities for investors who seek to maximize tax deferrals via Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs). The tax cuts, along with the Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017, evolved the rules of QOZs as a significant tool and scheme that facilitate investors contributions to economic development, particularly in low-income communities.

This excerpt details how QOZs lead investors to substantial tax benefits in 2024 by focusing acutely on Form 8997.

Understanding Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs)

A QOZ is specifically designed to support investors where they are encouraged to reinvest their capital gains for considerable tax benefits. It is a federally designated zone within a low-income community. The fundamental purpose and objective of such schemes is to incentivize investment in these areas, promoting economic growth and job creation.

Key Tax Advantages of QOZs in 2024

  • Deferral of Capital Gains Recognition:

Under this deferral, investors can defer recognizing the gain for tax purposes until the earlier of the sale of the QOF investment or December 31st, 2026, if they invest capital gains into a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) within 180 days of realizing the gain.

  • Partial Exclusion of Capital Gains:

A portion or percentage of the deferred gain is permanently excluded from taxation if the QOF investment is held for at least five years. The exclusion is 10% of the originally deferred gain.

  • Full Exclusion of Appreciation on QOF Investment:

In the event that the QOF investment is held for seven or more years, any appreciation or increase in value of the investment is entirely excluded from capital gains taxes when QOF is eventually sold out.

  • Form 8997: The Key to Reporting QOZ Investment:

Form 8997, Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund Investment, is quite important for claiming the tax benefits affiliated with QOZ investments. This IRS form elaborates on an investment in a QOF, including:

  • Taxpayer Information: This highlights the name, social security number, and filing status.
  • Capital Gain Information: This will include the capital gains amount an investor intends to defer by investing in QOF, along with the date it was realized, and the type of asset it came from, such as sale of stock, real estate, etc.

Qualified Opportunity Fund Details:

This comprises the legal name, EIN, and address of the QOF you have invested in.

Investment Details:

The date on which the investment is made in QOF and the amount invested.

How to File Form 8997 for Tax Year 2024?

Form 8997 is attached to the federal income tax return, Form 1040 for the tax year in which the QOZ investment is made. Below are the additional points to consider when filing:

  1. Timeliness is Crucial: To be eligible for the deferral benefit, an investment must be made within 180 days of realizing the capital gain. Form 8997 must be filed with the tax return for the year the gain is realized.
  2. Consult a Tax Professional: Although this blog furnishes general information, QOZ investments could be complex and difficult. Seeking suggestions and advice from a qualified tax agency such as is highly recommended to understand the tax implications and file Form 8997 correctly.


Hence, QOZ offers a phenomenal opportunity for investors to get the benefit of capital gains deferral and potential exclusion. By having a detailed understanding of the benefits and appropriate utilization of Form 8997, investors can maximize tax savings and contribute to the economic development of low-income areas.

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