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Expert CPA Services for IRS CP23 Notice

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Expert CPA Services for IRS CP23 Notice


Are you feeling puzzled by an IRS CP23 notice? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many taxpayers receive this form letter from the IRS, and it often indicates a balance due. At Dimov Tax, we specialize in resolving IRS CP23 notice issues, providing expert guidance and solutions to ensure you understand the situation and can take the right steps toward resolution.

Understanding the CP23 Notice

The CP23 notice can be quite confusing, but the solution is often related to payment allocation. We’ve encountered various scenarios that led to receiving this notice:

  • Quarterly Estimated Taxes: If you’re a taxpayer who pays quarterly estimated taxes, the IRS may dispute the amount you’ve paid. We’ll help you navigate through this situation and clarify the payment allocation.
  • Extension Payments: Taxpayers who make an estimated or computed payment along with their extension before April 15th can also find themselves facing CP23 notices. We’ll assist you in addressing these discrepancies and ensuring accurate payment allocation.
  • Multiple Sources of Income: Individuals with multiple W2s or various sources of income might receive CP23 notices due to the IRS questioning their estimated tax payments. Our expertise will help you untangle this complexity.

Common Allocation Errors

The heart of the issue often lies in payment allocation errors. We’ve identified common instances where payments get misallocated:

  • Online Payments: Many taxpayers pay their taxes online, but mis-selecting the tax year during the payment process can lead to misallocation. For example, one paid 2017 taxes in January 2018 but accidentally selected 2018 as the tax year.
  • Back Taxes and Multiple Years: CP23 notices can arise when paying back taxes for multiple years on the IRS website. It’s easy to get confused during this process, and we’re here to guide you.
  • Mailed Payments: Mailing quarterly checks can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure about the payment address or fail to provide essential information. We’ll ensure your mailed payments are accurate and properly allocated.
  • Software-Generated Errors: Some tax software packages might inadvertently set you up for payment allocation errors. We’ll help you identify and rectify these issues.

How Dimov Tax Can Help

At Dimov Tax, we specialize in resolving IRS CP23 notice matters. Our experienced professionals can provide the expertise you need to address these situations effectively:

  • Expert Guidance: We’ll break down the complexities of the CP23 notice and provide you with clear guidance on what steps to take.
  • Accurate Resolution: With our deep understanding of IRS procedures, we’ll ensure your payments are accurately allocated, eliminating any potential errors.
  • Direct Assistance: Have questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to us below. We’re here to help you navigate through this process.
  • Efficient Resolution: To expedite the process, send us all pages of the notice. This will enable us to swiftly identify the source of the issue and determine the necessary steps for resolution.

Get Started Today

Don’t let an IRS CP23 notice cause you stress. Contact us today for expert assistance in resolving CP23 notice matters and ensuring your tax affairs are in order. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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