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Ensuring Compliance: Tax Filing Essentials

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Ensuring Compliance: Tax Filing Essentials for Foreign Owned U.S. Disregarded Entities

In the realm of U.S. tax regulations, foreign owned U.S. disregarded entities stand as a significant area of consideration. These types of entities are typically structured as limited liability companies or single member LLCs. They carry a unique tax status and they are treated as transparent for tax purposes. This originally means that the entity itself is not taxed directly. But the income generated, deductions and credits are attributed to its owner or owners and then they would have a reporting obligation on their tax returns. 

In simpler terms, the entity is considered as disregarded for tax intents and purposes. So, the activities of the entity are treated as if conducted directly by the owner.

In retrospect, foreign owned U.S. disregarded entities had minimal tax filing obligations before 2018. Their income was subject to U.S. tax only if derived from engaging in a U.S. trade or business. It’s important to note that simply having a U.S. LLC did not automatically deem income as engaging in a U.S. trade or business if the owner resided outside the U.S. 


  • Foreign owned U.S. disregarded entities must file Form 5472 and Form 1120 since 2018. 
  • Determination of whether income qualifies as effectively connected with a U.S. Trade or Business is imperative for foreign owners which depends on certain factors like business activities, presence in the U.S. and location. 
  • Failing to adhere to the filing obligations might result in significant penalties. This demonstrates the importance of compliance despite the potential absence of tax liability. 
  • Fortunately, Dimov Tax & CPA Services provides comprehensive services in every aspect.

Foreign owned disregarded entities are companies or organizations owned by people or groups of foreigners. They are called “disregarded” for U.S. tax purposes. “Foreign” represents individuals or groups who are not considered residents or citizens of the United States. 

Tax Filing Requirements 

As indicated in the essentials above, there is a filing obligation of Form 5472 and Form 1120 for foreign owned U.S. disregarded entities. The deadline for filing is April 15. However, extending the due date until October 15 is possible by using Form 7004. Form 1120 serves to gather basic information without implying tax liability, while Form 5472 delves deeper, providing detailed insights into entity transactions.

Form 5472

Form 5472 represents a pivotal document for reporting transactions between foreign owned U.S. disregarded entities. The primary objective of the form is to furnish the IRS with comprehensive information regarding these transactions. Correlatively it is important in terms of ensuring proper taxation and averting tax avoidance or evasion through intercompany dealings. 

These transactions typically involve a reporting corporation engaging with foreign or domestic related parties. The primary objectives of Form 5472 may be separated into three major lines:

  • Providing transparency: Offering detailed insights into transactions between reporting corporations and related parties.
  • Ensuring compliance: Facilitating adherence to tax regulations outlined in sections 6038A and 6038C.
  • Enhancing oversight: Enabling regulatory bodies to monitor financial activities involving foreign owned U.S. disregarded entities.

The essences of Form 5472 include the following:

  • It’s mandatory for foreign owned U.S. disregarded entities or foreign corporations engaged in U.S. business activities to file Form 5472 for reportable transactions with related parties.
  • The form necessitates disclosure of financial and transactional details like the nature of the transaction, the amounts and pertinent information for each related party involved.
  • Form 5472 is typically submitted alongside the individual or business’s annual U.S. income tax return.
  • Non compliance or incomplete/inaccurate filings may cause penalties imposed by the IRS.

Dimov Tax provides professional assistance in every aspect of the process in Form 5472 preparations. You may visit our article prepared for Form 5472 on this page.

Reportable Transactions in Form 5472

Reportable transactions on Form 5472 include various financial activities between foreign owned U.S. disregarded entities, foreign corporations engaged in U.S. trade and related parties. These transactions were included in Part IV, Part V and Part VI of the form. 

The mentioned activities above include but are not limited to sales and purchases of goods and services; loans and advances; royalties and licensing fees; rental and lease payments; management and administrative services; cost sharing agreements; interest payments; research and development payments; and insurance premiums.

Considering these facts, each case should also be discussed in terms of international tax and transfer pricing practices.


Significant penalties might result from failure to file Form 5472 or maintain accurate records as IRS regulations require. Even criminal charges might be faced for willful neglect or fraudulent activities. Taxpayers should adhere to proper record keeping practices and substantiate the accuracy of tax returns and related transactions.

Dimov Tax & CPA Services: Your Compliance Partner

Lastly, exploring the environment of foreign owned U.S. disregarded entities demands a meticulous understanding of the reporting requirements outlined in Form 5472. Fortunately, Dimov Tax & CPA Services offers comprehensive tax filing services particular to the needs of foreign owned U.S. disregarded entities. Contact us for professional assistance, maximum compliance and appropriate filing practices.

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