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We can get started on your returns early. This will allow us to: 

  • Compute how much you will owe (or get refunded) many months ahead of time 
  • Complete any last-minute tax planning
  • Reduce the surprise [and hopefully] the stress of peak tax season

Let us know now & we will:

  • Use your pay stub, projected earnings, or projected capital gains to mock up your return early
  • This will help us get your extensions and/or returns filed first thing in Jan to remove any of the stress of season and give you clear insight on the results now
  • This will also allow us to complete any immediate planning for you ahead of time to ensure you do not miss any strategies/deductions

Essentially, we can get your 2023 taxes largely off your plate now. Plus, we will address any associated strategy to ensure nothing is missed while you have time for last-minute changes prior to year-end.

If interested, kindly hit “contact” below and let me know by Tue at 5 pm next week since we have only limited spots for this type of early return exercise. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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