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We know our geographical area is known for being at the forefront of technology and user experience. Accounting needs should be served with the same goals in mind. When we started our company 10+ years ago, we entered into an industry that was slow to pick up what we take for granted in other industries – immediate responsiveness, use of the latest technologies, and tailored service for the client. Our focus on providing custom, around-the-clock support has allowed us to continue working, and even grow, during the trials of the last two years.

Some of our services offered are below:

Individual Tax Preparation & Strategy

Individual tax planning is our signature specialty and most common engagement in terms of client volume – we are excited to tackle the most simple to most complex individual tax issues, including international reporting, rental properties, equity compensation, multi-state questions, etc.

Regarding tax strategy, we are often hired to assist with estimated/quarterly tax planning, planning related to marriage/new home/new child, strategy regarding new jobs/new state moves, and equity compensation, such as RSU/ISO/NSO/ESPP. These are just a few of many topics, so message us below with questions.

Corporate Tax Compliance

Need to file your Delaware C-corp return for your startup? Or are you a traditional business or consultancy that must file their routine returns? Contact us below to ensure that these are both filed correctly while at the same time optimized for the best possible tax strategy. Please make sure to contact us far ahead of the deadlines to ensure you have all the items we will need for your filing.


We are familiar with all common software platforms for bookkeeping, such as quickbooks, xero, wave, freshbooks, any many more. If your business requires bookkeeping, contact us below for a quote. This includes both bookkeeping cleanup projects as well as ongoing bookkeeping support.

Business Strategy

Tax strategy is important both for established companies as well as startups. Some common topics to cover are optimal business structure (s-corp vs LLC vs c-corp), business deductions, R&D tax credits, depreciation & special depreciation, and many more.

We are often engaged to run the business numbers using various structures to determine which one has the best tax outcome. This can lead to enormous tax savings.

Due Diligence & Attestation work

Due diligence engagements are for situations where a company is being purchased & the books must be scrutinized to validate the company’s financials ahead of the acquisition. This is especially common in the Bay Area, where we have constant M&A activity. Due diligence also includes forensic accounting engagements, such as during a court case or a divorce. Attestation work includes audits, reviews, and compilations. We are licensed & peer reviewed, as well as registered with the PCAOB.

Company Valuations

When selling or buying a business, we are often engaged to run a valuation or assessment report. This shows a business’s worth based on any number of approaches, such as terminal value, applied perpetual growth methods, comparable sales methodology, discounted cash flows, and multiples based methodologies.

HR Outsourcing

This includes assistance with payroll implementation, benefits, etc.


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