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Tax Planning & Filing for Finance Professionals

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We specialize in tax preparation and planning for those in private equity, hedge funds, investment banking, and insurance services. We also have quite a few clients in client-facing roles, for who we provide support. 

Planning & filing issues for Hedge Fund & Private Equity professionals

We are frequently approached with the following questions as they pertain to carry (carried interest) & other compensation:

  • If I receive my K-1s after the April 15th deadline, should I file a return now & then amend later after I receive my K-1? 
  • Should I alternatively file an extension if I do not receive my K-1s in time? If so, how much should I pay as an estimated payment?
  • Do I have to file in every state on my K-1? If my employer filed a composite return, how do I get a refund for overpaid tax? Do I have a filing obligation in each of these states? 
Strategies & questions from commission-based or sales-based finance professionals:

  • Should I create an LLC or an s-corp for payouts related to my commissions? 
  • Am I better off as a 1099 employee or a W2? 

Planning & filing strategies for Investment Bankers as well as all Finance careers:

  • Can I deduct the rent I paid if I use my home for the work? 
  • What are some strategies that I can employ to reduce my tax? Should I start a business or invest in rental properties? 
  • What kind of retirement plan can I contribute to?
  • Should I pay quarterly estimated tax? How much estimated tax should I pay in advance to avoid the penalty?

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