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Accounting for Startups

Accounting for startups

We are frequently asked to assist with accounting matters related to startups. The common questions we receive are: 
  • What type of structure should I use? There are three main types of business entities that require federal tax filings. Partnerships, C-Corps, and S-Corps. Each one has pros & cons depending on your individual situation. LLCs are also quite common. 
  • Which one will save me the most tax? 
  • Should I create my company in Delaware, or should I use another state such as Wyoming or Nevada? Alternatively, should I form the company in the state in which I operate? 
  • When should I set up a payroll system? Do I have to use W2 or can I use 1099? 
  • How do I pay myself? 
  • Do I have to file a return if the business had no activity? 
  • How do I prevent an audit & what can I do to prepare? 
  • What registration is required for me to legally hire employees? 
  • How do estimated taxes work in my situation? Do I have to file quarterly? 
  • What are important dates, deadlines, and common mistakes to be aware of? 
  • What can I use as a deduction? How do I make sure that I will not get audited? 
  • What are some recommended bookkeeping systems that will work for my business? 

For answers to these types of questions & more, please schedule an appointment using the contact form below and we will put you in touch with our senior advisory team. 

Services for your startup:

What are some tangible services we can provide to your startup? Below is a list: 

  • Annual tax filings 
  • Quarterly tax filings
  • Payroll onboarding
  • Sales tax support & filing 
  • Entity formation 
  • Financial statements 

Reach out anytime for assistance with these topics. Simply use the below form and we will schedule your service request within one business day. Please check your spam folder for our response if you have not received within one day. 

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