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Amended Tax Returns

Let us amend your taxes for you, promptly, efficiently, and correctly.

What are the most common reasons that you may need to amend your taxes?

  • You received a penalty letter or a tax assessment letter from the IRS or any state
  • You realized you accidentally forgot to report 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, K-1, 1099-MISC or any other type of income
  • You found out that you qualify for a tax credit or deduction and would like to get your refund. 
  • Included incorrect dependent information
  • Accidentally left out foreign income, FBAR, forms 8938
  • Returns were filed too aggressively or by unlicensed person & you would like to have them corrected  
  • Depreciation was missing from a rental property
  • State tax was allocated incorrectly
  • Forgot to report forms 3520, foreign gifts, foreign companies, or other required disclosures

    Note: tax refunds from the IRS are only allowed for three years after your filing due-date, so act fast if you feel that your amendment will produce a refund!

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