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Still Taxed by CA State After Moving

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We have countless clients reaching out to us with the question: why does CA state still tax me after I moved out of CA state? This has been a very common question since the pandemic as people are moving to tax-free states, such as TX or WA. The most frequently asked questions we get are:

1. Why does my employer still withhold CA state tax after I move out of CA state?

2. Do I still have to file a CA tax return even if I no longer live there anymore?

3. How and what should I do to cut off the connection with CA state?

4. What proof should I provide if I get audited by the CA state Franchise Tax Board?

5. What can I do to avoid double taxation by multiple states?

6. What should I do to establish a new residency in the new state?

7. If my employer made a mistake, what can I do?

8. What are the risks of being audited if I didn’t report my move properly?

9. Can I still visit my family or friends in CA state after I move out? 

If you have similar questions or are thinking to move out of CA, please feel free to contact us at the link below. We have clients in 50 states and are specialized in multi-state issues.


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