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What is a Series LLC?

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What is a Series LLC?

It’s for:

  • Business owners with sub-LLCs or additional businesses underneath their primary LLC
  • Protecting each business and investment line from affecting each other
  • Ensuring that each sub-LLCs is its own isolated entity, protecting against liability
  • Effective business managers looking to keep their business ventures under one “umbrella company”


When you’re forming your Series LLC:

  • Find a registered agent for your Series LLC, or consult a professional tax office like Dimov Tax to start your Series LLC journey
  • Create specific and different names for your sub-LLCs based on series
  • File the required paperwork and/or operating agreement
  • Enjoy a diverse portfolio with protected entities under one LLC!

For assistance with your state’s specific guidelines, or to find a registered agent who excels in handling multiple lines of investments, call us at Dimov Tax to grow your business and increase your profits! We are also happy to answer any questions regarding the structure and how it is treated for tax purposes. Call us today at (866) 656-8036 or email us at!

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