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Estate & Trust Taxation

Estate, trust, and gift taxation is complex, and increasingly complex due to the types of situations that our clients approach us with daily. From formation of the estate/trust, to consulting on tax effects, to guiding through the entire executor process, to filing the final return, we are here to assist.

Taxation of Estates & Trusts

Some types of estate/trust work that we are frequently hired to work with:

  • Simple & complex trusts – formation, maintenance, and annual filings
  • Estate formation, maintentance, and compliance [annual filings]
  • Estate & succession planning, gifting, etc. 
  • Forensic acocunting related to estates & trusts
  • Trust accounting or other court-required items 
  • Tax effects of sale of items held by a trust (or tax effects of distributions form a trust)
  • How to handle international beneficiaries
  • Receipt of estate from non-US persons
  • Forms 706, 1041, 3520, 3520-A, 709 (and state equivalents, where applicable)
  • State tax guidelines
  • Transfer certificates

Please contact Dimov Tax team at or (833)829-1120 if you need more information or assistance with these topics. We are licensed to assist with filing these forms, fighting penalties, applying for abatements, or consulting on tax implications of various approaches.

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